How to get hired at a top Digital Marketing Agency

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Are You a Life-Long Learner/Self Educator?

Digital marketing changes at the speed of light. To be successful, you need to be a self-educator that builds self-education into your daily practice and ritual. We aren’t just looking to see what you’ve been formally taught, we are interested in what you do day-to-day to better yourself.

If you’re new to the industry, the first place to start is taking advantage of all of the free online resources and specifically the free certificate-based programs. We are listing a few here, but your career aspirations and interests should dictate what paths you pursue (SEO, PPC, SEM, copywriting, technology, project management etc.)

Are You an Active Participant in Your Future Profession?

The idea of “showing and not telling” is crucial in landing a career in today’s marketing world. It’s easy to say you are doing something, but is far more impactful if you are able to show it instead. A good example is having a blog. Simply saying “yeah I like to blog” is no longer enough. These days agencies want to see you have a blog and want to know that you’re continually making an effort to update it.

Do You Have Relevant, Real-Life Experience?

For recent graduates, this might be an internship. For others looking to make a career change, an internship might not be feasible. However, we all know a small business owner that is overworked and looking for someone to help. Why not find a way to help someone out and hone your skills at the same time?
Obtaining relevant experience allows you to incorporate what you are learning from your self-education and marketing background to develop a strategy that helps them accomplish their business objectives. When you’re finished, why not develop a case study that you can present to potential agencies that show your knowledge and desire to make client services your career?